Revolutionizing Embedded & M2M Development

What if you already have all the skills and know everything you need to know to program your Intelligent System, Internet of Things (IoT) or machine to machine (M2M) system today?  What if there was a system that simply allowed the user, in their own words to:

  • Describe what data they wanted and where they want it to go
  • Identify the devices they want to talk to and define what they should say
  • Graphically create rules for those devices to follow and say when to follow them

What if a single application platform was designed to build systems from monitoring a simple sensor, to integrating a factory to maintaining a fleet of vehicles through the cloud. What if a system like that existed today? 

A system like that would change the nature of Intelligent System development!

The Solution Family of products is that system. Solution Family of products consists of an application platform (Solution Engine®) and a set of application development tools (Solution Builder®), designed to allow everyone who understands their application to develop their application and do it without having to be a software developer or engineer. The application platform's support for pluggable, storage, clouds, analytics and rules works to future proof your application. Demonstrated applications range from monitoring the simplest sensor, controlling a factory, to maintaining a fleet of vehicles through the cloud. The user simply clicks on the place where they want their data to go from the device to the cloud, drags in their data, says when to store it and data collection is done. The user selects other devices on their network or on the web, graphically connects their device's data to its data and communications is finished.  The user clicks to define a new rule, adds a simple series of steps, drags in "if this happens then do that" rules, and finally drags in data or functions to call in that step and your rules that define your application are finished. Application finished! The Solution Family application platform is designed to support the entire life of your application from prototype, commissioning to long term maintenance. A game changer here today!

Intelligent Systems development today is seen as a job for software engineers characterized by low level programming, quirky, arcane driver protocols, ugly contracts and months of delays. The Solution Family of products makes this all go away!

Introducing Solution Family

To move from this vision to a solution the team designed two parts, an engine, that would implement all the data collection, communications and rules, and a user targeted tool, that would empower the user, through a drag and drop environment, to design, commission and maintain any type of application.Both the engine and tool were designed from the ground up to be built and extended with software building blocks that allow them to grow together and address future technologies and ideas independent of the application.

Solution Family of products combines an application platform, Solution Engine®, with a user targeted development tool, Solution Builder®, that target both data and rules throughout and entire system of Intelligent Devices through Cloud Services. These two components, Builder and the Engine work independent of a particular vertical market to allow addressing any Software/Hardware Integrated System.

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Video Introductions

Solution Family  Introduction

Nat Frampton presents an introduction to the Solution Family of products reviewing both Solution Engine® and Solution Builder® showing how their architectures provide the Solution Family with a unique approach to building the next generation of intelligent devices.

Bringing Intelligent Devices to the Cloud - with Eurotech

Nat Frampton explores the Solution Family approach to bringing Intelligent Devices to the Cloud with a demonstration of Eurotech's Everyware Cloud - enabling a Building Control Application.