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IIoT Platform for Integrators

Solution Family - IIOT for Integrators

Solution Family – IIoT 4.0

Solution Family brings decades of Industrial Controls experience to the IIoT (Industrial IoT) Market. With decades of Integration experience, the Solution Family team provides a unique tools based experience to developing complete IIoT Solutions. The key difference for a Solution Family implementation is the level of intelligence that is place in the cloud or on the edge with Solution Engine®. We place everything at the Edge you need to develop and entire control system in an amazingly small form factor.  The entire solution from the cloud through onsite servers to the edge devices is configurable from a single tool, Solution Builder®. The Solution Family Team has developed a track-record for successful deployments having deployed over 250 different types of applications.  We are here to bring you to Industry 4.0.

We’ve Integrated Solution Family for years. We are know to be the platform that is best at the “last 10 feet.”  We cover you from screw terminals to cloud.  Now its your turn! We are here as IIoT providers with a demonstrated history and we have your back.

Features you need…

  • Single Tool, Solution Builder® allows integrators, end users or domain experts to develop, configure and extend entire solution.
  • Connect to your machines: 50 Industrial Protocols
  • Make decisions anywhere from the Edge through the Cloud: Rules Engine with Visual Programming allows you to 
  • Analytics: Full Edge Analytics accessed with Simple Point and Click Interfaces
  • No Tag Limits:  We don’t believe in tag limits and SDKs & Tools are free!
  • Server your data: ModbusTCP Server, MTConnect® Server 
  • Connect Edge Devices, Servers and Clouds in any Architecture
  • Database and Cloud Connectivity including MQTT
  • Solution Engine® runs on any Windows or Linux Platform from the edge to the Cloud
  • Small Foot Print (80 MB)
  • Solution Cloud allows you to commission and remotely manage devices in the field.
  • Connections: Assumes occasional connections through all features

Your IIoT Solution Platform

Solution Builder®

Single editing tool for the entire IIoT Solution from Edge to Cloud. Builder follows the project from design, commissioning to extension.

Solution Cloud

Cloud or on premises service for commissioning, operations and maintenance of Edge Appliances

Solution Engine®

Small footprint Engine on the Edge and in the Cloud providing Intelligence to monitor, control and improve your process


The Solution Family Team of Integrators stands ready to stand behind your integration questions and support you with our 3 decades of experience