Multi-Family Residential

Multi-family residential buildings often have boiler control systems that are nothing more than a mechanical garden timer (or an “updated” digital garden timer).  These systems are horribly inefficient, but they also require that maintenance staff make physical adjustments on a daily basis, and often at times of the day that are not convenient.

Solution Family has a turn-key Building Operations system that provides input-based boiler control that looks at not just apartment temperatures but also steam supply and return lines to provide efficient, self-learning heat control. Property managers or maintenance personnel can make adjustments and even temporarily override behavior either locally or from a remote location.  No more driving to the building at 3AM to turn on heat due to a complaining tenant – simply schedule a one-shot run of heat from your phone and then investigate the complaint during business hours.

The Building Operations System is also extensible.  By simply adding additional sensors and hardware, you can use the same system to control lawn irrigation or to provide additional operational intelligence.  No more watering while it’s raining or when it’s forecast to rain.  Get immediate alerts when there’s water in the basement or when a pump fails.