Consumption Monitoring and Control

Energy consumption costs are a large expenditure in any building.  Solution Family can help you monitor, trend and understand your building’s consumption of electricity, gas, water, steam or any utility down to the finest level you desire to help improve overall efficiency, detect abnormal conditions and save both time and money.

Sensors or meters are installed at designated electric, water, gas or steam lines. The Consumption application accumulates the individual consumption and totalizes over designated interval (hours, days, weeks…).  Facility histories are stored to a designated cloud or database.  Alarm levels are established to provide instant notification on unusual consumption based on historic consumption patterns.


Facility staff can designate equipment for consumption monitoring.  Integration of electrical, water, gas, steam or fluid flows is automatically performed and reported on hourly and daily.   Facility staff can observe historic trends of consumption along with other core systems operations to determine appropriate maintenance actions and effective equipment operations.  Operational staff can set alarm levels for notifications based on the historic consumption information.