Core Systems Monitoring and Control

The LECS can give property managers and operations personnel insight into the core systems of a building that a traditional BMS simply cannot deliver.  Whether you need to know if a boiler is operating within its normal, historical range, how much time a cooling tower spends running, or any thing else about your building’s core systems, Solution Family can provide you with the information you need to run more efficiently and better allocate both human and capital resources.


The core of the Solution Family Technology in facilities is based on the ability to monitor any type of equipment at low costs.  Low cost integrated industrial gateways serve as the intelligent aggregation points throughout the building.  PC based gateways collect any form of sensor reading including interfacing through BACNet, OPC or Modbus to existing building systems.   Historic data is gathered for both the new sensors and aggregated data as well as existing building systems if available to provide the most complete context for the core system data.  The facilities staff can examine any combination of equipment throughout a single facility or portfolio of buildings to determine the most effective maintenance procedure for a device.  Effective operational procedures can be guided through the same view of equipment throughout a building or across a portfolio.