LECS – Retail

Targeting Retail Locations


Facility Target – Retail Sites

Total Energy Control Solution

Local and Web Based Set Point Scheduling

HVAC or Boiler +

Security + Lighting

No Programming Onsite

Improves Operational Performance and Maintenance


The LECS-Retail solution provides a focused set of building technologies of Boiler, HVAC, Lighting and Security in a single low cost turkey solution that enables smaller building managers and operators to enjoy the features of previously more expensive building systems.  The LECS-Retail Solution immediately begins learning all building systems and creates a histories for each that are accessible through web pages.  Histories of hourly, weekly and monthly  consumption are available for analytics to establish and alarm on building trends.   Operations and Management staff are alerted via email or sms texts to identified changes in building systems that require attention.

The LECS-Retail serves to minimize operational staff involvement until diagnostic or consumption issues are identified.  The management staff is provided with weekly and monthly roll ups of building consumption, run-time and alarm events.


LECS Mobile allows onsite personnel to manage and control all facility equipment.  LECS provides a gateway-based solution that integrates all systems monitoring and control functions into one device, and to provide an intelligent capability that incorporates machine learning, external factors and energy model technology to achieve maximum energy efficiency. The LECS-Retail delivers this capability to a market of retail facilities at price points that remove all barriers to entry.

Building System Features Energy Savings
HVAC Control
Learns HVAC Performance
Minimizes Energy Use
Wireless/Wired Temps
Minimizes Equipment Cycles
Auto Changeover/Remotely Scheduled
Diagnostic Alarms
Annual Heating Savings – 20 to 25%
Annual Cooling Savings – 20 to 35%
ROI on HVAC Savings 4 to 6 months
Boiler Control
Learns Boiler Performance
Minimizes Energy Use
Wireless/Wired Space Temps
Remotely Scheduled
Diagnostic Alarms
Annual Fuel Savings
25 to 30%
ROI – Savings – 3 Months
Door Entry Control


Learns Door Usage Patterns
Remotely Controlled / Scheduled
Provides Customer Entry Analytics
Aggregates Door Open Hours
Alarms on Unrequested Entry
Annual Entry Savings
Lighting Control


Learns Lighting Consumption
Remotely Scheduled
Daylight Harvesting
Bulb Outage Detection/Diagnostic Alarms
Annual Lighting Savings
25% to 75%
Consumption Monitoring


Learns Electrical Consumption
Hourly/Daily Rollups
Alarms Consumption Issues
Identifies issues before Energy Spend
Annual Consumption Savings
10% to 15%
Water Intrusion


Identifies Water Intrusion
Alarms Immediately
Critical Equipment
Plenum Spaces
Per Incident Savings

LECS- Retail

Total Annual Savings
25 to 38%
ROI is less than One Year

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