LECS – Learning Energy Control System

Targeting Buildings 40K sqft and above


Facility Target – 40,000 sq-ft and above

Total Energy Control Solution

Local and Web Based Set Point Scheduling

HVAC,Boiler,Hyrdronics, Resistive Heaters +

Domestic Hot Water, Recirc Pumps

Pumps + Irrigation

Electrical Consumption

Security + Lighting

No Programming Onsite

Focuses and Directs Maintenance Activities


Current building systems for small and medium size facilities range from manually controlled garden timers, to more complex systems that manage each function in a building with no feedback or interconnectivity between systems. The cost of building management systems from major providers start at approximately $25,000 without the features that LECS provides and are frequently cost prohibitive for smaller facilities. All of the current products do not include intelligent features such as building learning, weather services, unlimited historical building and energy model information, and the continuous process of integrating and utilizing this information to automatically adjust the control of systems to minimize energy usage.


LECS provides a gateway-based solution that integrates all systems monitoring and control functions into one device, and provides intelligence through machine learning, external factors and energy model technology to achieve maximum energy efficiency. Initial measurements indicate a minimum 25% reduction in energy use of existing boiler, HVAC, domestic hot water, and lighting systems, producing lower utility cost and a Return on Investment (ROI) of well under one year, and typically within a single heating or cooling season. Further energy reductions can be achieved by adding other building systems improvements, and the ability to add new features and technologies to the LECS system.

Building System Features Energy Savings
HVAC Control
Learns HVAC Performance
Minimizes Energy Use
Wireless/Wired Temps
Minimizes Equipment Cycles
Auto Changeover/Remotely Scheduled
Diagnostic Alarms
Annual Heating Savings – 20 to 25%
Annual Cooling Savings – 20 to 35%
ROI on HVAC Savings 4 to 6 months
Boiler Control
Learns Boiler Performance
Minimizes Energy Use
Wireless/Wired Space Temps
Remotely Scheduled
Diagnostic Alarms
Annual Fuel Savings
25 to 30%
ROI – Savings – 3 Months
Domestic Hot Water Control


Learns Tank Heating Characteristics
Remotely Scheduled
Recirc Pump Scheduling / Duty Cycles
Learns Hot Water Usage
Monitors Supply/Return/Makeup
Annual DHW Savings
25% to 55%
Lighting Control


Learns Lighting Consumption
Remotely Scheduled
Daylight Harvesting
Bulb Outage Detection/Diagnostic Alarms
Annual Lighting Savings
25% to 75%
Hydronic Heating


Learns Building Performance
Minimizes Energy Use
Wireless/Wired Space Temps
Remotely Scheduled
Annual Fuel Savings
30% to 45%
Unit Heater Control


Learns Heater Performance
Minimizes Energy
Use Wireless/Wired Space Temps
Occupancy Sensors
Remotely Scheduled
Annual Electrical Savings
35% to 60%


Total Annual Savings
25 to 38%
ROI is less than One Year

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