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Solution Family - IIOT for Integrators

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IoT is about connecting today’s latest internet technologies to the great machines of yesterday and today! The Solution Family Team has spent the last two decades doing just that.  We have delivered over 250 different types of applications to fields as diverse as chocolate factories, automated machine shops to explosive manufacturing.  We are here with the technologies for your particular type of application.   We have spent the last several years integrating IoT solutions and now its your turn.  We have your back with a complete IoT Platform for your solution!

It is not easy creating IoT Solutions. Developing IoT applications involves balancing complex APIs, legacy protocols, and connectivity issues within a scalable architecture.  Solution Family was created with the concept that tools are the best way to ensure customers benefit from our decades of experience.

Our goal is to keep our customers in our tools through their solution life-cycle!

SDKs are always available for the last 1% and we are here to help.  Navigate some of our solutions below.


Bringing Industrial IoT (IIOT) to integrators and industrial automation facilities

Machining robotics

Delivering Seamless Machine, Robotic and shop management integration


Improving Building Control and Management from Multi-Family Residential to Retail.


food production

Providing detailed production understanding for both legacy and new equipment


Developing the next level of improvements for your vehicles including maintenance, scheduling and

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